Monday, 8 November 2010

Social OCD / Social Time Wasting

Enough people online talk about how much they make etc. but most are probably making $2 a day doing dick head stuff. A part of this problem is what I call Social OCD, as you can see from my shitty drawing the OCD circle encompasses in large parts Facebook, Twitter, forums and email. Most business people and I emphasize' business', focus on processes, that is they are very process orientated. We all procrastinate, and managing this problem can reduce the time it will take you to get where you want to be in life (monetary sense). To escape the (rats in a barrel syndrome) one most prioritize tasks and projects and work religiously to do this.

As you can see the average IM, will spend a lot of time fucking about on time wasting tools (not leveraging them applies to this). A typical day will start with checking email, then checking Facebooks, then checking forums and rinse repeat throughout the day. Now times this by 5 or 7 for everyday of the week by 365 and it will add up to a lot of wasted time.

This OCD or obsessive compulsive disorder does nothing but hamper your chances of success, when you are an Internet Millionaire you can fuck about on these sites, until then GET YOUR HEAD DOWN!

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