Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Social bookmarks demon vs. bookmarking demon

Bookmarking for the most part won't be automated as users will dictate that. However for more extreme or smart marketers you need tools to gain a competitive edge, one such tool is BookMarkingDemon (BMD) (currently in beta).

If you check out my link here and trust me this is some top end software - you will be able to automate bookmarking. Their are two sides to this coin - the first one is to spam the hell out of search engines, the other is to be smart and reduce manual tasks.

Bookmark Demon isn't a black hat tool, but can be abused as a blackhat tool. I haven't had time to review both but can recommend Bookmarking demon Click Here! Click this link to get a great discount courtesy of seowolf.

Friday, 14 November 2008

What to wear when it hits freezing?

when it hits freezing temperatures I would recommend investing in a refridgiwear freezing cold resistent jacket. These can withstand temps to minus 50! They aren't heavy either.

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