Friday, 20 November 2009

Dirty Games

I showed my girlfriend this site and she couldn't believe stuff like it existed. It's pretty much adult games. It actually got her horny seeing some chick getting her tits squeezed :D

Internet Millionaire List (Under 25)

1) Mark Zuckerberg - Facebook - $700 Million – 23 years old
2) Blake Ross and David Hyatt - Mozilla - $120 Million – 22 years old
3) Alexander Levin - WordPress & Image Shack – $113 Million – 23
4) Sean Belnick - Biz Chair - $42 Million – 20 years old
5) Robert Small - MiniClip - $23 Million – 24 years old
6) Aodhan Cullen - Stat Counter - $18 Million – 24 years old
7) Rishi Kacker and Matt Pauker - Voltage - $12 Million – 24
8) Catherine and David Cook - My Year Book - $10 Million – 17 & 19
9) David Hauser & Siamak Taghaddos - GotvMail - $8 Million – 24
10) Jermaine Griggs - Hear and Play - $5 Million – 23 years old
11) Ashley Qualls - What Ever Life - $3 Million – 17 years old
12) Alex Tew - Million Dollar Homepage - $1.6 Million – 22 years old
13) Rob Benwell - Blogging to the Bank - $1.2 Million – 23 years old
14) Matt Wegrzyn - Bodis - $1 Million – 19 years old

Open GNU research papers online

Tony Phd talks about it here

Tuesday, 10 November 2009


Tony talks about it here

GNU open public licensing and software

Monday, 9 November 2009

List of Unique Bars in Toronto

Top 5 Unique Bars in Toronto

Here’s a list the top five bars in Canada’s largest city so that you can plan your Toronto nightlife.

1. The Cameron House

The Cameron House aptly dubbed as a theatre bar, contains a rather bizarre yet unique aesthetic (check out the odd looking ant installations). As well, the Cameron House comes full with upright piano and ivy covered walls. The atmosphere alone positions the Cameron House as the place to be when you go out.

2. The Only Cafe

Centered right on the edge of the Greek enclave, The Only Cafe houses a more relaxed atmosphere with great music and a basement like look. But what makes The Only Cafe truly shine is their selection of beer – over 100 – which should cater to even the most finicky drinker.

3. Ted’s Collision

While Ted’s Collision is your typical dive bar, the history of this bar is rather fascinating. Originally a former auto body shop, Ted’s now caters to a crowd who enjoys blisteringly high rock music and have an aversion to fruity drinks. Also check out the peculiar wall mural of the CN Town under construction.

4. The Horseshoe Tavern

Not much to say that’s already been said about this place. Think Canada’s answer to CBGBs. This place is the spot to check out all the new indie bands.

5. The Rhino

Appropriately named as a gigantic rhino head is mounted on the center bar. The Rhino has your cheap food and drink covered with a large selection – we’re talking over 200 beers to chose from. The Rhino also has a patio in case you want to enjoy a warm Toronto night.

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