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Game Scripts seo'd? Which is the best

Which is the best arcade script for seo?

Lets take a brief look at how game scripts or arcade scripts work online.

Basically most of these scripts are written in php, and come with a default set of features, such as:

add game
delete game
add category
delete category etc.

Out of the box SEO is done, but not that greatly in many respects at least. For example you have scripts which operate in terms of trading traffic. These type of scripts such as PHPAS (php arcade trade script) or ATS (arcade trade script) etc. all have an intermediary page, which basically redirects to another site in the script. The main problem with these scripts is of duplicate content and page rank spill, as the actual page with the game on never ranks, only the redirect pages. It's not a pure problem on it's own, but you might be missing out on revenue and and also users, if Google were to look at ctr etc. The bounce rate might factor. The do have SEO rewritten URL

A decent arcade script to try out, for lazy marketers is overgrab, which will aggregate game data from various sources. Problem with these is dupe penalty, although we can only speculate on how this works, it's primarily ranking or placing listings on the supplemental index.

These scripts don't handle 404's correctly, and often suffer from poor on page edit ability.

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