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How to index lots of links fast?

Backlink test using pdf file, Google spiders file and follows links. Process involved:

Dump urls in word, convert to html links using format painter, save document, then go to Adobe and convert to PDF. Post on blog and wait :D

outsource to indians?

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Social OCD / Social Time Wasting

Enough people online talk about how much they make etc. but most are probably making $2 a day doing dick head stuff. A part of this problem is what I call Social OCD, as you can see from my shitty drawing the OCD circle encompasses in large parts Facebook, Twitter, forums and email. Most business people and I emphasize' business', focus on processes, that is they are very process orientated. We all procrastinate, and managing this problem can reduce the time it will take you to get where you want to be in life (monetary sense). To escape the (rats in a barrel syndrome) one most prioritize tasks and projects and work religiously to do this.

As you can see the average IM, will spend a lot of time fucking about on time wasting tools (not leveraging them applies to this). A typical day will start with checking email, then checking Facebooks, then checking forums and rinse repeat throughout the day. Now times this by 5 or 7 for everyday of the week by 365 and it will add up to a lot of wasted time.

This OCD or obsessive compulsive disorder does nothing but hamper your chances of success, when you are an Internet Millionaire you can fuck about on these sites, until then GET YOUR HEAD DOWN!

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Watch TV Shows Online Free

Guys just found a new site to watch free tv shows online gets updated daily

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Blog title...

This is England Full Movie Download, Stream offers the best in English drama, sets the story of a lovely lad brought up in the age of punks.

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Traffic Zombie Review, Promo Code

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Traffic Zombie gets you On First Page In Google

That is what the website claims. Is it true?

Well, they show proof and it can't be denied.

Best Traffic Getting Software

Here is what the site says it does:


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That is pretty impressive indeed. And it seems to work.

In fact, I tried the software myself (that is why you are seeing this blog
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That is how the software will get you so many backlinks and viral SEO and
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Best Traffic Getting Software

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Fast Indexing techniques

As you can see some of my posts are just links, well these are from, sign up get an account, and fire links out, no point waiting for Google to just pick up on them, their crawler is good, but can be lazy on new domains.

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Cool new game site launched:

GameHobbit by HiveDesigns with a great design check it out here:

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hugedomains referral spam

I've been seeing a number of hits from which seem to suggest they are referral spamming my sites.

Here is one instance captured in mint:

From this url:

See here

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How to Remove Negative Search Results

Advanced Social Media Reputation Tactics.

Reputation Mangement SEO tactics and sites.

We are constantly battling Google's algorithms, (universal search, idiot bloggers, scam sites etc.) and part of this has become known what is classified as reputation management or the practice of inflating or removing negative serps.

Website owners and seo specialists might ponder the question: 'how can i remove negative search results from Google?'

If you are a pro SEO, we've both come across some self-serving bastard or any other moaning clown which can easily purchase a negative domain name and start to fill the serps with your company name and negative shit.

As you can see here: Google purchases negative domains. If you are a large enough brand it is prudent to do this. So go out and spend $5 on all the ['s]

If you don't have budget or time (or like me can't be arsed) to do this then here is a list I have compiled which is better than this one as it is simply more advanced and aggressive. So enough time wasting let's get to work removing and promoting. Most of the supposedly big sites might work over time, but you need to stuff them with content and mess about for ages which is annoying.

First off do a search for domain, name, or keyword, see what is ranking on the top of page two in the serps, make a note of them in notepad.

Go here (getabest) and perform a dual search on both your domain and domain plus the .com part - ping the domain with this tool

Let's move on...

Create a PDF of any infomation you have about your site: a PR release or some random shit, then download bittorent when you have installed this, go to file and create a new torrent. Name it something relating to your domain or keyword or personal name.

Now let's hop on over to piratebay - create a pdf, upload with optimised titles (descriptions, names etc.), other torrents pick it up and re-distribute torrents like wildfile, so one submission can multiply fast. Ping relevant feed on piratebay. Muahaha

OK on to some authority domains and quick fire stuff.

  • Create a flickr profile (keyword in username) and add a customized URL for said keyword/domain plus some content - ping url with tool above.
  • Create a profile at (keyword in username) add two line description - ping
  • Do a press release at PRWEB (keyword in title)
  • Create a twitter username with username as domain, name or whatever etc.
  • Ask a question on Yahoo answers and answer it with a sock puppet (change IP's)
  • Ask and answer a question on
  • Drop your link here
  • Drop username at

Run through this list. If you have this tool I posted below you can automate it please purchase through my aff link by clicking the image below - saves tons of time.

Click here to visit nossie.

Nossies tool has a lot more.

Also carpet bomb Google with this tool, (need to run in IE and set popups to allow)

I posted a small selection of urls here the tool above has a lot more.[url][url][url][url][url][url][url][url][url][url][url][url]/summary/[url]/[url][url][url]&btnG=Search[url]/[url][url][url][url][url][url][url][url][url][url][url][url][url][url][url][url].html[url][url][url][url][url][url][url][url][url][url][url][url][url][url][url][url][url][url][url][url][url][url][url][url][url]&a=site[url][url][url][url][url][url][url][url][url][url]/?metric=uv[url][url][url][url][url][url][url].html[url][url][url][url][url][url][url][url][url][url][url][url][url][url]/[url][url][url][url][url][url][url][url][url]/summary/[url][url]

So try these techniques, I have a ton more, if you need advise or help contact me

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Game Scripts seo'd? Which is the best

Which is the best arcade script for seo?

Lets take a brief look at how game scripts or arcade scripts work online.

Basically most of these scripts are written in php, and come with a default set of features, such as:

add game
delete game
add category
delete category etc.

Out of the box SEO is done, but not that greatly in many respects at least. For example you have scripts which operate in terms of trading traffic. These type of scripts such as PHPAS (php arcade trade script) or ATS (arcade trade script) etc. all have an intermediary page, which basically redirects to another site in the script. The main problem with these scripts is of duplicate content and page rank spill, as the actual page with the game on never ranks, only the redirect pages. It's not a pure problem on it's own, but you might be missing out on revenue and and also users, if Google were to look at ctr etc. The bounce rate might factor. The do have SEO rewritten URL

A decent arcade script to try out, for lazy marketers is overgrab, which will aggregate game data from various sources. Problem with these is dupe penalty, although we can only speculate on how this works, it's primarily ranking or placing listings on the supplemental index.

These scripts don't handle 404's correctly, and often suffer from poor on page edit ability.

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I recently had the pleasure of going here mesa grill in new york

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ن اطيل عليكم الموضوع يتحدث عن العاب رعب جميلة و مختاره بدقة شديدة

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twitter marketing in easy steps sign up today:

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