Thursday, 2 July 2009

spending and website user experience

For ecommerce sites and other sites looking to generate revenue or partisan users based on how they use the site, user experience is paramount to success. The new popular trend towards website design revolves around what is called UCD, or user centered design. Now this implies that rather than guessing how a user should use your site, it implies that you ACTUALLY design your site around how they 'would' want to use it in the first place.

Example 1:

Mother of 2, 38 yrs old, wants to check for a nanny online.

You design the landing page with a directional link and site structure to direct her towards her goals, so this could be as simple as having steps:

Step 1: Enter location.
Step 2: Enter amount to spend
Step 3: Get results for nannys

That is a basic example of UCD.

You can find some great info on about UX, UCD and UI*

* User Experience, User Centered Design, and User Interface

Don't forget withouth mastering these elements, you will have little success in mastering IM**

**Internet Marketing ;)

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